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Greg McDowell, CPA

As a CPA, I appreciate an effective business model.  This group is professional and easy to schedule.  As a regular customer, I appreciate the choice from among several excellent therapists, whose attention keeps me in the pool, on the bike and running trails.

Anna Mack, Mother


I was going to Olea when I was pregnant with my daughter because standing on my feet all day as a barber was taking a toll on my body I was excited to be a stay at home mom, but apparently my body wasn’t ready for all the bending, holding, crawling, running around - and most importantly - not having my full night’s beauty sleep. I am thankful to have found a place close to my home where the therapists really fix me and straighten me back out.  Also an extra quiet hour to nap is always on my to do list Thanks girls!

Katie Lynn, CrossFitter

I have been doing CrossFit at Olympus365 for years and injury free thanks to my regular treatments at Olea. They have sports massage, relaxing massage and even muscle testing therapy, so I can pick and choose depending on what my body needs that day. My body is happy with Olea.

Richard Gorman,
Auto Technician

I am working 10+ hours under a car 5 days a week. I need bodywork just like those cars do!I keep my appointments pretty regular because I know what happens when you don't change the oil on time.

Jennifer Osborne, Banker

I was looking for a massage place a few years ago and Olea has exceeded all my expectations.  My prior experience was with a monthly massage place which had a rotating door of good and bad massage therapists so each month was a gamble.  Leaving the place with a mediocre experience that cost me money and time was upsetting.  With Lena, I get the same, awesome therapist every time and I am never disappointed. My prior hour of massage was really 45-50 minutes so they could change sheets, etc. With Olea you get a FULL HOUR of a massage. Lena is a perfectionist so I anticipate she expects the same level of perfection from all of her therapists.  She adapts each hour to what I need: relaxation, working on a specific injury, and/or helping with my way too often headaches.  She is magically able to find the source of pain and make it go away.  You feel like one of the family when you go into the office and always greeted with a smile.  I immediately recommend Olea to anyone complaining about an injury or looking for a therapist.  

Angela Stashchak, Mother

Suffering from pain? Get a medical massage that really works! She's amazing!

Christina Lowe, Sales

This Christmas, I received a gift certificate for a massage from my boyfriend. Lucky for me, I ended up with Lena and I was instantly hooked! Lena is so talented. She listens to exactly what you request, and she makes you feel extremely comfortable. I always leave so relaxed and happy. I am in sales, so I'm always knotted up and tense from stress, and her massages are one of the only things that helps me relax and feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

I recommend her to everyone I know and I highly recommend her to you, too!

Heidi & Travis

Lena is the best in her field. If you have any soreness or stress, then go see her.  She is attentive and highly skilled. She has a 6th sense of what is wrong and will not stop until she finds it. She understands the mechanics of the human body and how all the muscles interconnect. She is funny, kind, strong, and honest.  Make an appointment!

Jennifer Hunt, Pilates Trainer

I have been going to Lena for a few years now because she truly has the best hands in Charlotte! I used to have lots of knots in my shoulders and upper back but she was able to not only get rid of them but keep them from coming back. I don't trust anyone else with my back.

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1100 South Mint St, Suite 109
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1100 South Mint St, Suite 109
Charlotte NC 28203