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Pain-Free Living with Olea Massage in Charlotte NC   

-Try our deep tissue massage, if you enjoy pressure, you will never want to go anywhere else.

-Don't live with chronic pain, neuromuscular therapy could change your life.

-Restore damaged muscles and perform at your best with sports massage.

-Find a quick fix for a sudden pain. Feel better in 30 minutes.Let your body recover from stress and connect with your soul.

Your massage therapist truly listens to you and to your body, understands what it needs and customizes a massage to your needs and tastes. Olea massage in Charlotte NC is unlike a chain store where you may get routine treatment, unlike a luxury spa with expensive amenities, and unlike a massage parlor with dubious practices.  Your therapist is working only for you, always strong, knowledgeable, attentive and happy to see you.

Flexible hours will fit your busy schedule. You can even make an appointment on Sunday because massage is what you need on your day off.

Experience outstanding service provided by one of the best massage therapists in Charlotte. Enjoy the rewarding benefits of massage, together with excellent service and support in living the life you envision.

Olea Massage in Charlotte NC is convinient For South Park, Mayers Park, Southend, Uptown, Elizabeth, Cotswold and even Ballantyne.

Think of Olea as a getaway, a place where pain diminishes, a place where stress is forbidden. After all, your body deserves nothing less than the best possible reward for everything it does for you.

What to expect at Olea Massage in Charlotte NC?

The most comfortable, over-sized, heated table with memory foam / Centered & safe location . / No annoying membership sales or unnecessary product purchase / A therapist who really cares, is honest, professional, knowledgeable, and motivated to go the extra mile for your great health

To experience pure relaxation, relieve stress and reduce pain, schedule a massage in Charlotte NC by clicking on a button below.

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Olena Fosforova

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist  #12549


316 East Blvd, Suite 101

Charlotte NC 28203


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