Relieve Pain & Tension The Right Way

Licensed therapists at Olea Massage in Charlotte will relieve pain and tension quickly and naturally. Stop taking muscle relaxers that make you drowsy and pain relievers that destroy your liver. Learn why you have pain or tension to begin with as we assess your body mechanics and determine the real reason for your discomfort. Our therapists are handpicked unlike in a chain store where you may get routine treatment. Our continuing education puts us apart from the average industry providers. At Olea we have the experts for pain relief and the intuitive practitioners for mind relaxation. As our reviewers brag there are no bells and whistles unlike in a luxury spa where you pay for expensive amenities, yet the results of just one session will put you at ease and you will probably return for more.

Simply put, we aim to provide immediate, natural, therapeutic relief from chronic and acute pain and tension as well as recommendations of how to maintain your wellness. 

Attention! Some of the stubborn pains need attention from a therapist with NeuroKinetic Therapy® knowledge. It is a corrective movement system which addresses the cause of pain – dysfunctional movement patterns stored in the brain. Learn more about NKT and how it can save you from a scalpel here.

We pride ourselves on:

• Years of experience and continuing education - confident and skilled in treating various soft tissue complications.

• Strong knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics - recognizing and treating the cause of the pain not the symptom. 

• Professionalism - competent, passionate, hard-working, motivated and ethical demeanor.

• Ability to help the whole family by treating just one person. 

• Being a small and local business with a big goal in mind: to stop health insurance companies from driving their customers mad.

Let us exceed your expectations! Making an appointment has never been so simple. Just click here.

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1100 South Mint St, Suite 109
Charlotte NC 28203


1100 South Mint St, Suite 109
Charlotte NC 28203