Why Olea?

Olea Massage in Charlotte NC is unlike a chain store where you may get routine treatment, unlike a luxury spa with expensive amenities, and unlike a massage parlor with dubious practices.
It is a place where you will find natural, affordable, therapeutic relief from pain and stress.


  • 4+ years of experience and continuing education - confident and skilled in treating various soft tissue complications.
  • Strong knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics - recognizing and treating the cause of the pain not the symptom.
  • Professional - competent, committed, responsible and ethical.
  • Independent - passionate, hard-working, and motivated to go the extra mile for your needs.


  • No membership sales - less talking more massage.
  • All possible payment options including HSA and FSA.
  • Available emergency appointments outside of regular hours.
  • Central & safe location - convenient and private parking.
  • Over-sized, heated table with memory foam - best comfort for your body.
  • Innovative face rest - natural position for the neck, no pressure, no face impressions, no congestion.

Don't live with chronic pain, neuromuscular therapy could relieve headaches and alleviate referred pain.

Relax injured and overused muscles, reduce spasms and cramping and perform at your best.

Improve sleep, enhance immunity and reduce fatigue with regular massage.

Find a quick fix for a sudden pain. Feel better in 30 minutes.

Olena Fosforova
Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist  #12549

1100 South Mint St, Suite 109

Charlotte NC 28203

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