What to expect during a massage at Olea?

Getting massage at a new place for the first time can be a bit stressful. Here at Olea we make sure that your experience with us is as easy and convenient as possible. 

Making an appointment is easy. If you want to make an appointment you can do so by phone or online where you will have an overview of all available times. After you choose your day and time you will be asked for your contact information. No credit card  information is required. 

Before Massage. Please plan on arriving 10 minutes early for your first appointment to fill out an intake form. You will do it only this one time. Other times you please don't forget to update a therapist verbally about any changes that occurred in your health. After going over your medical history and goals for your session the therapist will leave the room to let you get undressed. What to keep on, and what to take off? Whatever you are comfortable with! Your private parts will be covered at all times. Position yourself under the blanket on the super soft and warm massage sheets. Take a deep breath, get comfortable, forget your worries and relax.

Draping. Draping is required according to North Carolina laws and regulations.

Massage. Describing a massage is like describing how food tastes. It's better to just try it. In order to get the best out of your experience, don't hesitate to tell if you don't like the fan, the music, the pressure, the smell etc...please speak up. 

Music. If you have your favorite music on your phone, ipad or cd that helps you relax, bring it! We will work with your music.

After massage. You will be sad it's over, and amazed how amazing you feel. Don't jump into your clothes right away, take five minutes to come back to reality, rub your eyes, stretch, yawn. OK, now you are ready to get up. Grab a complimentary water, candy and chat with your therapist about your future visit.

Payment. We accept Master Card, American Express, Visa and Discover Card, HSA/FSA, personal checks and cash is also accepted. There will be an option of entering a tip or no tip (it is your decision).

Now that you know in detail what to expect, make a first step to the new You

What ever you expect, we will try and exceed your expectations. Lets start by making an appointment here.

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1100 South Mint St, Suite 109
Charlotte NC 28203



1100 South Mint St, Suite 109
Charlotte NC 28203