Best Remedy For Back Pain

Understand how to relieve chronic back pain with massage. You have been to different doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, have spent money on creams but nothing helped? Before you decide to get a cortisone injection I suggest that you you book a massage appointment at Olea.

Chronic back pain can be caused by muscles that are tight, by muscles that are weak, by muscles that are pushing on a nerve. As you see the key word is muscle, and who if not a massage therapist knows how to deal with this issue?

The trick is - the origin of it is most likely somewhere else. Your body is an amazing structure and all systems within connect in a certain way, like pieces of a puzzle. There are several reasons that could cause your lower back, middle back or upper back to hurt.

Bodywork on hamstrings - big muscles in the back of your legs can relieve back pain. Every time you bend your knees the hamstrings get short (contracted), it can be sitting behind the desk, driving, flying, sleeping with your knees up. You get the point. Because they are short, they are "pulling" on the bone they attach to, which is the sacrum (pelvis). This brings your body out of alignment. The sacrum has shifted but it can't shift alone, there are back muscles attached to it, so it is "pulling" on those muscles, making them weak, causing you pain.

Another muscle that is connecting your sacrum to your lower ribs called quadratus lumborum can cause problems as well. When this muscle is tight you can feel your spine being "locked up" accompanied by spasms. Massage can relieve back pain by releasing this muscle. Friction and kneading will supply blood and oxygen will into the area; you will get flexibility and less back pain. That technique also helps if you have a herniated dist in your lumbar spine.

Psoas Major, a hip flexor muscle that is hard to reach, hard to massage, hard to stretch but is initial in treating low back pain. Attached to the lumbar vertebrae and the femur (leg bone) psoas can rotate the pelvis and create lordosis. When this muscle is tight it will place strain on muscles controlling the knees and ankles and is very significant for good posture. The only way to reach it is through the belly. I personally wouldn't call this treatment pleasant, but it is important treatment to relieve back pain and improve posture.

Treating lower back pain is our specialty. Our therapists  identify the problem in the first session. 

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1100 South Mint St, Suite 109
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