A List For Conditions Treated with Massage Is Long...

 Injuries can happen any time to anyone , massage therapists are there to help you recover. yet it doesn't mean you need to run to the next spa after you were hurt. Depending on the injury 48 to 72 hours should pass before receiving any treatment.

 Bad Posture.

Chances are you are not aware about any postural imbalance in your body, although that might be the origin of your pain. Do you slump in your seat, tilt to one side, lean forward, or always stand on one foot. Your therapist will restore affected tissues.


Your therapist is experienced in treating large, small, S and C curvatures of the spine providing progressive results. With consistent therapy you will see greater improvement each visit.

Sciatica/Periformis Syndrom

Carpal Tunnel

Plantar Fasciitis




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1100 South Mint St, Suite 109
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