Deep Tissue Massage

·Release of tension and stiffness · Pain relief ·  Pain management ·  Increased flexibility ·  Break down of scar tissue and adhesions ·  Improved mobility, posture and physical performance ·  Faster, more efficient recovery from injury and surgery  

Deep tissue massage feels like a "good hurt" if you know what I'm talking about, yet it can be quite uncomfortable at times. Many people confuse the terms “deep pressure” and “deep tissue” when they talk about their massage preferences. Pressure is what a massage therapist uses in any massage modality, it depends on the hight of the table, strength and style of a therapist. Depending on the desired effect, a therapist may use a variety of pressure during one session.

Deep tissue massage, on the other hand, is a specific type of massage used to help deeper muscles or connective tissues that have been ischemic or injured due to inactivity or overuse. It is commonly used for separating stack muscle and fascia AKA "knots". Therapist will create space between the right tissues to help the blood rush to the deep layers of malfunctioning muscles initiating the healing process, pain relief and restored movement.

A deep tissue massage is especially beneficial for people who suffer from consistent muscle pain, especially in the neck, lower back and shoulders and hence is performed only on a certain area of the body. It is also excellent for athletes, people receiving physical therapy, or recovering from surgeries where scar tissue becomes an issue. Deep tissue massage is recommended by many doctors as a treatment option that is more effective and affordable for chronic pain relief than conventional medicinal remedies. 

 You should only let a licensed massage therapist  perform a deep tissue massage because it is important to locate the exact layer of muscle that is causing pain and discomfort. Performing deep tissue massage on on a wrong area and confusing referred pain with direct pain can lead to further  injury and more discomfort to a client. 

Possibly the main reason for deep tissue massage popularity is a much desired strong grip, which clients can't seem to be satisfied with in the fast spreading massage chains. DT massage generally requires stronger pressure unlike a relaxing Swedish massage and is harder to perform which is why you can see higher rates for said service. At Olea we emphasize the quality over quantity. Our therapists work adequate hours in order to provide strong pressure at all times without a price change.  

Although the description is very precise, it is better to try it once then to read it twice.

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1100 South Mint St, Suite 109
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